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Thematic workshops

The objectives of the workshops organised in the framework of PACE-Net are:

  • To propose areas and topics for potential Scientific International Cooperation Activities (SICAs), outline the conditions of their implementation and convey the information to the Commission for future implementation
  • To identify strengths and drawbacks of the current EU-Pacific S&T cooperation, to capitalise on experiences and to identify possible future initiatives that stimulates S&T cooperation with Pacific within FP7 and beyond.
  • To identify and analyse key cross-cutting issues considered as key transversal challenges for S&T in the Pacific such as brain drain, ethics in applied research through public private interfaces, bringing evidence into policy-making and the popularisation of science.
  • To examine current barriers to FP7 participation and to identify a rationale for greater inclusion of developing countries into FP schemes.
  • To provide the PICTs with the information resources, build the skills of Pacific S&T actors, and raise awareness on the European Framework Programme.

  • You will find hereafter some of the deliverables produced in the framework of the PACE-Net project.
    Disclaimer: These reports were prepared with the financial assistance from the European Commission. The views expressed are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily represent any official view of the Commission.